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Military Capabilities  

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Complete Service-
By taking advantage of our value-added cutting and coating capabilities, you can eliminate time, effort, and freight wasted in coordinating multiple operations, minimizing overhead, leadtime, and headaches.

Low Kerf-
Our circular cold saws operate with the smallest kerf available in the industry, so you save in material costs. Nothing eliminates waste better!

Premium Quality-
Our cutting equipment is state-of-the-art, which guarantees the best tolerances and reliability available.


Circular Cold Saws
Wagner WAM-90's
Wagner WAM-140's
Wagner WAM-70's
Band Saws


Bar Stock Length:
up to 25 feet

Rod Diameter:
up to 16 inches

Cut Length
.25 to 18 inches long

Typical Length Tolerance:
0.003" for 1 inch diameter
0.006" for 3 inch diameter
0.009" for 5 inch diameter

Typical Weight Tolerance:
(dependent on bar specs)
2 grams for 1 inch diameter
6 grams for 3 inch diameter
9 grams for 5 inch diameter

Typical Squareness:
(dependent on alloy, cut speed and bar straightness)
0.004" for 1 inch diameter
0.010" for 3 inch diameter
0.018" for 5 inch diameter




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